Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Last Couple Weeks

Hey y'all. Not much happens in my life so I don't ever really have much to write about. But Madison left a few weeks ago and she is doing great! If you want to hear what she has been up to you can look for her weekly e-mails at if you didn't already know about it. I will also be posting pictures on her facebook from what she sends to me so look for those as well.

Any way it has been kind of weird living without seeing Madi like everday. I thought that I would be like super sad when she left but I am not really sad about it. I think it is because I know that she is doing the thing that she needs to do, and I also know how awesome she will do! I have already sent her a package and many letters and this week I sent her her favorite candy...(which is sour patch watermelons if you ever want to send her anything :) ). And from the sound of her letters she is doing great! She is struggling with her tripanion (the word I made up for her third companion) but I know that through her strong faith she will know exactly how to over come it! yay Madi.

But I have also had alot of fun and also have added some new qoutes to the quote ball yay!

1. "What does M-A-R-S stand for?!....ummm. Mars!!"-Addie

2. "Those boys should always give you blessings because they are good blessing


3. "You smell like stinky shoes!"- Madi

Ha they are funny for those who where there...tho I wasn't there when Madi told her tripanion that she smelled like stinky shoes, but reading it still makes me laugh out loud. I do think that anyone who reads that quote from Brookie will laugh because it is so funny!

Anywho the only adventure that has happened to me lately is going to walmart with Gary. We just wanted to have fun and we knew that the only place that is possibly fun late at night is WALMART!! Duhh. haha. At walmart they had footie pajamas and me and Gary put them on and took pictures and ran around willy nilly while the walmart workers told us we could not run around in them even tho we told them we were going to purchase them!!! dumb ha that kind of made us upset so we refused to buy them and decided that we would blame the workers who told us to stop for making walmart not recieve to purchases! HA not too big of a deal but we did make a stand! And we win! haha. We had so fun and it was a night to remember. I love footie pajamas because they are just too awesome! Sadly we did not buy them...but I will go back to another wally world and purchase them for this winter! yay! a'ight. well hopefully something more awesome happens in my life...I will letcha know :) wooty woot! PEACE

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Copying Madison :0

Ha ha so I am super bored sitting here with nothing to do...waiting till I can get ready for work and leave. I have already vacuumed every where I can. Did all the laundry I could. Hung up my mirror. Made my bed...then realised I really have nothing left I can do. With 2 hours still remaining till I can even leave for work. Gross. Any way I have been really wanting to write a blog but have had nothing to write about. Then I just read Madison's and it seemed like a load of fun. So I am going to Copy her and do this weird thing as well :). Mostly for my own entertainment, but go ahead and enjoy!

I feel: excitement, because conference weekend is so close and I can't wait to go to Utah

I want: to win enough money just to pay off everything I owe. Then my normal income will work just fine :)

I love: having fun, laughing, and being
spontanuious (I know that is spelled wrong but I am saying it like the penguin on Happy Feet).

I miss: Madison living so close :/

I crave: scaring people
bahaha. It gives me some kind of weird high.

I heart: Mr.

I know: I need to spend my money more wisely.

I live: to be alive. party. adventure. risks.

I dig: ridiculously good smelling boys. bah. yummy.

I adore: music! can't live without it in my life. it defines me.

I covet: friendships. i don't have any clue what i would do without the support of all my friends.

I believe: that i have never had as many friends in my life than i do now.

I can't: dance. i have no

I struggle: with being patient.

I have: the coolest car i would ever imagine myself having at this age.

I am: crazy, daring, and outgoing.

I remember: nothing! i have the worst memory any one could ever have! hello early Alzheimer's! :)

I cherish: love <3

I hope: that everything will turn out to be okay.

I wonder: why i have to wear white pants in such a dirty place. do you think thats a good idea? i can never get those darn things clean.

I think: eh i don't usually think haha.

I smell: Citrus Magic.

I dream: really weird things that seem like they are real life :/. and are usually accompanied by a song.

I dislike: tomatoes.

I laugh: when i am with myself...
bahaha jk. but not really. mostly with madison. we come up with some pretty strange hilarious things when we get together.

I have: too many clothes and not enough closet space.

I try: no. am going to try. to be the best associate in n out has ever seen...and then rub it in their face
muah haha.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


So my birthday was pretty much the most awesome birthday I have had in a very long time :). But there is a sequence of events that lead up to the story of the night of my birthday. To start with...

Thursday: Madison got her mission call. It was so exciting, when I found out I was shaking uncontrollably. Sadly I had no car to get to her, so I told her we were going to have a sleepover and that I would buy her breakfast in the morning to celebrate. So that night I stayed up and waited for her to get off work. I told her to text me when she got there so I could let her in. When she finally texted me at 2 in the morning that she was here, I went to let her in, but she was sitting in her car collecting her things. She didn't even notice but I went right up to the window and put my face super close to the window...when she finally turned around she screamed and jumped so high haha it was so awesome, little did I know I would soon regret it. That night she couldn't sleep because she was so excited, so we stayed up all night and talked. At about 5 in the morning we decided we weren't going to sleep so we went to ihop. We finished around 6 and that's when I decided I needed a nap before I had to go to work for a 6 hour shift that Friday...

Friday: I worked a 6 hour shift, and was ready to sleep since I was super sleep deprived. I went to get my broken down car, hoping that it would at least make it far enough to get me home. It stalled once, but then restarted. When I was about 1 mile away from my apt. it stalled but would not start up agian, so I pushed it by myself into Walgreen's parking lot and packed up all that I could from inside it, and started walking home. I was so tired it felt like a 3 mile walk in the heat and all the stuff I was packing. But I was so grateful that I was a lot closer than I could have been. When I got home, I laid down on the couch to talk to my roommate Kirsten, and was out like a light at 8 oclock. I wished really bad that I could have just slept the whole night through, but I had to set my alarm for 2 in the morning cuz the plan was Madi would pick me up after she got off work to go to Avondale, where we would be partying on the day of my birth. I was in and out of sleep, when Madi finally texted me she got off. A short while later I was on the verge of slipping into a sleep again, when I heard not only Madi's voice but some other voice singing happy birthday to me. I was in total shock, I was only expecting Madi and I was in the most ridic pajamas I have. It was Kelly and Madi and they had brought me a Buzz Lightyear cake. It was so surprising. I never expected anything of the sort. After cake me and Madi were off to Avondale. We got there at about 4 a.m. and that is when Madi finally gave me my birthday present that I have been so curious about for like ever!!! She explained to me before she gave it to me, that since she met me she has wanted to give me "this" but has never knew how. Then she gave me a black box, and inside was a silver necklace with a dove with diamonds in it. And on the back engraved into it says "peace". I love it so much. She always has the most thoughtful gifts, I almost cried. I will always wear it, and it will help me keep her close while she is away on her mish...

Saturday: Me and Madi woke up in the afternoon to go to lunch at Olive Garden. It was very delish and I loved it. Then we went home, and watched The Wedding Singer. Sadly after that she had to go to work, so she took me home and I got ready for the night out with all my friends from work. But I had no clue what was going on because no one was texting me, and I was not included in the planing. Finally I got a hold of people and the plan was Tempe Market Place, 7 O'clock. But no one knew where we were going to eat or what we were going to do still. We all met there and decided on Red Robin. Dinner was so fun: Brit, Dennis, Julia, Josh, Ben, Me, Zach, and Dennis' friend. Unfortunately Josh tied a balloon around my wrist, so the waitress knew it was my birthday, so after we ate she got a huge group of other waiters and waitresses and they sang a very obnoxious song. But I got a free dessert so it was so worth it. After that we went and picked Tiarah up from work and all piled into Dennis' truck and "painted" the town...if you know what I mean haha. Then we went swimming at the Haven apt. we swam until 2ish throwing around a volley ball. After that it hit me hard. I was so tired, I haven't slept in 3 nights and had church at 830 in the a.m. on Sunday. So we all departed, and I was so excite to finally get to sleep...

Sunday: Now this is the part that I am paying for scaring Madison that Thursday night. She texted me and said that she was on her way to get me. Then after a while she texted me and told me that she was outside and to come out. So I texted her back "k". But was still trying to get my stuff together. I was in the bathroom putting some finishing touches on my face, when I turned around and Madi is just creepily sitting on the edge of the bed staring at me. I jumped so high, and screamed so loud. I literally was so scared I ran into my closet!!!! My heart almost had heart failure. She got me so good :( But I did warn her that tonight she is going to get it bad, when she least expects it. And she will totally forget that I warned her that is the best part. At church Madi announced her mission call...very excite. Then after all the meetings me and her ran home to have some cake, before we returned to church to hear Matt Lopers farewell talk. It was such a good spiritual experience. Overall it was a really really good weekend, and an awesome Sunday!!

This has been one of my favorite birthdays ever! I am so blessed to have such good fun friends that gave me such an awesome day yesterday :) And I am so excite for Madi, it has become so real now that there is a place and a date, but she is going to be one of the greatest missionaries and I am so proud of her. FRIENDS YAY!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Milestone Approaching

So, this Saturday I am finally hitting a very big milestone. My 18th birthday. I am really excited that I have finally reached this age, even though not many things are really going to change. But there are some new adventures I am able to embark on because of this age.

  • I can finally buy dry ice...I don't know why, but I am actually quite excite about this.
  • I can order things off TV. woot woot. SHAMWOW here I come.
  • As my grandpa pointed out...I can buy cigarets. Not that I would ever want to, haha but it would be interesting to buy them just so they will check my I.D and then return them?! ya. haha.
  • I can start building credit.
  • I can buy a car from a car dealership.
  • Hopefully my manager will let me start closing now so I can get more hours.
  • I get to vote, just missed the mark, but sooner or later I will vote.

So there are all the things I am looking forward to, very exciting. Now for my birthday, silly me, I forgot to ask for the day off work. Fortunatly I was not scheduled for that day, but most of my friends where. Thankfully my friend Tiarah got the shift switched and we are gonna party it up all night. We are gonna hit up every place that give birthday people free things, haha we are so much alike and have so much fun together it should be blastastic. We might hit up a 18 and over club, which will be an interesting expirience and I am extremely looking forward to it. Me and Tiarah have so many adventures together it cracks me up! Also, my friend Dennis has promised me a very nice dinner. haha I am going to make sure that happens. I love food, spesh when its free! Madison is planing on taking me to get pedis and breakfast, two very good things as well. It is going to be a day full of food and fun!!!! I will def. let you all know how the day goes, and am excite to report on my first club and I.D checking expiriences. LOVE YA.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Can It Get Any Better?!

So...I am extremely happy. I just want to share with everyone how well I am doing, and how blessed I feel! This last week has probably been the best that I have had in my life.

I had my first INO work picnic! It was so fun. I was in a weird dance-off thing, and totally kicked butt. Literally, haha you needed a partner at all times and had to switch when they switched, and no one could get in my way. A lot of my co-workers didn't know I had that in me.

Also, I went to the river for the first time, with a bunch of co-workers, and it was such a blast. I am so glad that I get to work with just funny people that I can so easily be friends with.

Also at the river, I met the funniest most awkward guy ever. He decided that I was tough enough to marry, and that I was tough and pretty, instead of just being pretty. He also told me that he is going to start a fan club for me! Wooo. I have always wanted my own fan club! But the best is when he told me that he would break into a Tiffanys in order to get me the best ring, which of course I deserve.

I have been hanging out with a bunch of friends, and have not really found a bored moment in this past week!

I have been going over to a families house, to play with the kids and do laundry. These kids are the funniest kids anyone will ever meet or ever have! They can make anything funny, and any frown go away. But even Chalon, the mother, is freaking hilarious. We were playing a weird, but way more fun, version of scrabble and she came up with a couple of funny words, that are completely made up, but I can only remember two.

1. Rolic ( A knock off brand of Rolex...if you were in Mexico)
2. Toar ( know like you "toar" your leg...)

But the funny thing about two, is that she still swears that its a word, she grabbed a dictionary and went through it and couldn't find it. So she says..." oh well it's not in this one." haha. Even though to be fair, it WAS a kids dictionary, so there were a lot of big words missing. But that word is probably missing from every dictionary. And poor Madison, haha everyone was using her as the dictionary, asking her if their words were correct or if it was spelled correctly. She is really smart. I can't spell worth anything.

There has been a few quotes added to the quote ball

  • " just pee forever and it feels GRRREAT." - Katie 6/2
  • "They're serious pretzels for a silly price." - Matt 5/26
  • " But what if I have dooties?!" - Madison 5/26

haha oh...this quote ball has sure been fun :D This week has been pretty fantastic...I am honest I don't think it could get better. Life has a way of surprising me. I have had non-stop fun, and I find myself smiling for no reason, even when I am sitting around by myself. And hopefully, it will continue...River on Saturday?! Just one adventure after another. HOLLA. I LOVE LIFE AND LOVE EVERYONE IN IT! I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Things That Have Come

Why hello. Last week I finally took the big walk, and GRADUATED! It was so awesome because it rained the whole entire time, and all the graduates were out on the feild. I had a lot of support there watching me, and it was prolly one of the best nights of my life.

So, recently I moved apartments. I am now living with Katie Sparks in Mesa, and she is most definatly one of my favorite people these days. I love living with her, because she is so caring, and funny, and cute. But most importantly she loves to clean, just like me. So I am not worried about messes this summer at all really. I am way excited for the adventures we will have living together this summer. We have already started a "quote ball" so that we can put all the funny things any one we incounter this summers says. Then later we can look at the ball and reminice. So far we have 3 quotes and we just started last night haha. Now for 2 of the quotes katie wasn't really around, but this ball involves Madi, and Matt, and our new roomate Kirsten too.

Quote #1. "Follow the thin and narrow path" -Madi 5/24

Quote #2. "I just can't get over how much your oven mits look like your cookies" -Madi's Pop 5/23

Quote #3. "Have a Goodnight tomorrow!" -Katie 5/24

Now these may not seem too funny to you guys, but the people who know will know. And those 3 quotes made me and the people involved laugh really hard. Ahhhh good times.

Ha ha in my new apartment we have this neighboor who has tons of glass mermainds ridding dolphins, and unicorns, and regular dolphins all sitting in their front windows. I laugh everytime I pass them. But one day Madison told me she had found a glass fish at her dads house. We had the idea to place the fish on their porch with a not that read "Add this to your collection." I placed it in front of their door, and too scared to knock in fear of them catching me, I simply ran away. For days it had dissapeard into their house, and I wondered if they were offended, or if they indeed liked the present. It didn't show up in their window seal like I had hoped. But last night as I was heading up to my apartment, kind of glum, I looked to their window, and right in the CENTER of all of the glass fictional characters sit our FISH!!! It made my night, I got so excited and ran up the rest of the stairs to tell Katie, Matt, and Kirsten. Then I quickly dialed Madi to tell her! Then I snuck down there and took a pic.

Haha I truely love how something as small as finding a glass fish that you secretly gave a neighboor in the middle of their window seal, or creating a quote ball with your friends can make a not so good night okay. I love my friends, and they support the each give me. But most of all I love doing crazy random things with them. It will most definatly be a good summer :D

Monday, May 11, 2009


I am so ready to be out of Mountain View High School! I have stressed and stressed about this day and it has finally come! H core studying and H core homework for the past week or so, and then I am out. yay, this is my graduation annoncement that I have put off for a while because of the uncertainty of me graduating, but I found the most wonderful person in the world to create a work of art, both my taste and a little dash of Mountain View Color. I am so lucky to have such great connections, and I love her forever for making them, because my attempt was a good fight, but couldn't process more than one! If you don't get one in the mail, sorry they are limited, because my memory sucks and I forget alot of important people and important things. But you are welcome to come one and all, it will be intresting. Love you all. And congrats to all those graduating as well!